OLIVE MANON Gel Essence (45g)
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An essence to smoothen and improve your skin. It takes only small amount of the gel to moisten your skin. As a lotion, it restores your skin elascity and maintain moisture balance by penetrating into corners of corneum layers of the skin. It also protects your skin from dryness and roughness.
Can be used as a relaxing moisture mask.

Main ingredients:
Olive fruit extract, Olive leaf extract, Squalane, Gentian Root Extract, Rosa Canina Fruit Oil

Provides vitamins to the skin, maintaining its natural functions
Makes your skin brighter, fairer and more translucent
Improves skin’s moisture retention and prevents skin from dryness
Adjusts skin’s ph level, keeping it healthier
Relaxes with the natural scent of Wild Rose

Relax and unwind your mind, soul and body with Olive Manon Gel Essence

After apply the skin lotion, place about 2-3 pumps of Gel Essence on the palm and spread it onto the entire face and neck.
Mix Pure Squalane with Gel Essence and apply before sleep, especially around the eyes and mouth areas. (to prevent dehydration)

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