Biggest Living Room Design and Decorating Trends for 2022

There are times when we wonder how 2021 has passed us by so quickly. Time does fly and with a debilitating global pandemic keeping us still circumspect, it is hardly a wonder that the last twelve months have seen major changes in the world of design and decorating. These changes naturally are going to affect the trends that you see in the year ahead. From creating spaces that allow homeowners to spend more time indoors comfortably to healthier and more cheerful homes, the last couple of years have seen living rooms embrace an entirely new trend.
Many of the top living room trends of the coming year aim at shaping homes that are inviting, elegant and place emphasis on overall well-being. Picture-perfect living rooms with polished, contemporary suave are not really the biggest hits anymore. Instead, you have living rooms that combine different ‘organic’ attributes while ensuring that they fit in with the dining space and kitchen in an open-plan setting. From greenery to a touch of vintage, this is a look at the defining living room trends of the year ahead –

Natural Finishes and Organic Materials
One of the biggest trends to emerge from the world of home design in 2021 is the use of organic materials and natural finishes that take you away from more polished, artificial surfaces. Apart from more use of wood and exposed concrete in the living room, you also will see a clear shift in décor choices from those with straight lines to furniture with curves. This brings both textural and geometric contrast to the living room and gives it a much more welcoming visual appeal.

Greenery Indoors
Indoor plants have been welcomed into living rooms more in 2021 than in any other year in the last two decades and this shift towards a greener lifestyle is set to continue and even grow in 2022. There are plenty of great, low-maintenance indoor plants to choose from for your living room and all of them improve indoor air quality and rid the room of dangerous toxins. Refreshing and energizing, now is a great time to place a plant in the forgotten corner of the living room.

Healthier, Brighter Lifestyle
When you spend most of your time at home, you suddenly start to realize that it is not actually as comfortable and cheerful as it was when you went out to work and got back home late in the evening! The last couple of years have forced homeowners to rethink their approach to living room design when it comes to ventilation and natural lighting. Opening up the living room to the world outside while still maintaining privacy is a must-do in the year ahead. Cross-ventilation, skylights, clerestory windows and floor-to-ceiling glass doors that bring the garden or courtyard indoors are all going to be much more of a regular presence in living spaces now.

Working with Vintage Décor
Vintage is making a comeback in living rooms for a variety of reasons, with the biggest being how it gives the living room a unique and exceptional ambiance. It sets your living space apart from the crowd and of course, it offers a touch of sustainability to the space by ensuring that you do not instinctively throw out the old and usher in a new furniture piece.

Reduce and Reuse Furniture
Taking the vintage decor trend further is the growing interest among homeowners to reuse old furniture pieces, give the worn-out décor items a fresh lease on life and turn to DIYs for quick home solutions. All these elements are essential parts of shaping greener homes that cut down on waste, and reupholstered living room furniture also allows you to customize furniture pieces by mixing different, eclectic patterns and looks with ease.

Multi-Tasking Living Spaces
Finally, you have the one living room trend for 2022 that will top all the others and is easily going to be the leader of the pack by a distance – the multi-functional living room that allows you to rest, relax, work and do a whole lot more. Born out of the pandemic years, this love for the multi-tasking living room that does it all will continue in the years ahead. From the small home workspace in the corner to the living room that also is your social zone and a whole lot more, these living areas will make your life much easier and more efficient.

by Sherry Nothingam

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