SEAZONE Wall Mounted Aquarium - Royal Gold
Price RM300.00
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Aquarium Size:

5 feet - L155cm H48cm W14cm

6 feet - L185cm H48cm W14cm

7 feet - L205cm H55cm W14cm

Booking fees is RM300. This will be reward for customer who confirm order.

* We are charge RM150 for site visit and this will be reward for customer who confirm order.

Please call 014-6611 061 for further information before place order.

Attractive deep coloured wood & dark timbers lend to an overall classy feel and gives natural warmness.


No Water Change Technology
The tank comes with a hidden core player that consist of a combination of machinery, biological, chemical and physical filtration system. It creates a stable and long-lasting ecosystem that leaves the water crystal clear at all time.

Space Saving
Wall-mounted with a width of as low as 14 cm and an added impressive touch to any of your rooms, offices or homes. It comes as an all-in-one complete set, which is ideal for any beginners.

Convertible Natural Living Art
Aquariums are more than just decorations; it provides calm and relaxing environment to ambience; it can be therapeutic as it lowers blood pressure and reduces stress level.

Minimal Maintenance
Seazone fish tanks only require maintenance once every 2 to 3 months.


High Quality
Imported products from overseas with patented filtration system

High Tech
Latest aqua technology treats the water in the aquarium without anti-chlorine creating a simple maintenance that can be managed by your own

Various Model
Wide range of frame designs to cater to the needs of different living spaces

Premium Setup
Complimentary aquascaping with plant setup and basic freshwater fishes for water testing

For Office
1 - Improves corporate image
2 - Relieves work pressure
3 - Enhances employees morale & efficiency work place
4 - Improves environment to be more inviting, welcoming and harmonious

For Home
1 - Reduces stress and lower blood pressure
2 - Scientifically proven to improve mental health
3 - Relaxing and therapeutic
4 - Enhances the aesthetic of home and living style


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What's in the box

Glass Material : Float glass (8-12mm)

Filtration System in Aquarium
Machinery Filtered System
Bio Filtered System
Chemcal Filtered System
Physical Filtered System


Price include:
Full Set Accessories
Aquascaping Setup